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Thank you for stopping by Mark “Killer” Keller’s DRUMMER-FOR-HIRE web site. The name “Killer“ was given to Mark during the days he toured playing drums for former A&M recording artist Head East.

Mark, a St. Louis native, with several decades of experience, prefers to be a permanent member of a band, and is also available on a gun-for-hire or fill in basis. Mark loves to play in front of huge crowds. With Killer behind the kit the energy and showmanship cannot be denied. Only a handful of drummers can put together all the elements that make up a performance by Mark. Killer gives everything he has for his band. Since Mark has owned a home recording studio for 16 years it has given him the ability to lay it down on command. If a band needs more vocal power Mark sings lead and harmony when needed.

Contact Mark "Killer" Keller at;

Phone 314-440-7777

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